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You Have The Mind Of Christ (Part 3)

1 Corinthians 2:16
1 Thessalonians 5:23

Human being has 3 parts

  1. He is a spirit
  2. Has a Soul (The mind is part of the soul).
  3. He lives in the body (The brain is part of the body & not part of the Soul).


  • The brain is important.
  • You remember with the mind.
  • The brain take instructions from the mind.
  • The mind dictates to the brain how it must operate.
  • When you train your mind the brain develop into a shoot.
  • Understanding is important.
  • When you are learn and understand, your mind store up the information in the long term memory.
  • The more you learn and understand your mind will be like a forest.
  • It will cost you time & money to have forest mind.
  • The brain that is engaging knows something about everything.
  • Don’t under-utilize your brain.
  • There is a byway and a freeway. When you going in a byway you know everything.
  • In every area of your life If you don’t learn you will live a poor but expensive life.
  • When God says you have the mind of Christ it means you can learn and develop your mind.

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