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Why do I speak in tongues ?

Why do I speak in tongues ?

Sunday Evening Service Notes | 14 February 2021
Apostle David Mulutsi
Why do I speak in tongues ?
Is tongues earthly language or heavenly language?

• Jesus said in Mark 16 that this signs will follow those who believe. One of the signs is speaking in other tongues.

• In Acts 2 believers gathered together to celebrate the day of pentecost.

• Pentecost was one of the biggest events in Israel whereby people came from everywhere to perform the rituals of passover.

• Jesus said to his disciples “go and wait at Jerusalem until you are endured with power”

• On the day of pentecost when multitudes were in Jerusalem the Holy Spirit fell upon them. It was not a coincidence that in that spectacular event the Holy Spirit came .

• The Passover was to be the beginning of the year.

• Jesus died on Passover.

• In the new testament Jesus’s death was the beginning of our lives.

• Life begins the day you accept the Lord Jesus Christ.

• Your purpose in life begins the day you accept Jesus as your Lord and personal savior.

• The death of Jesus Christ is the beginning of your spiritual life.

• It’s not a coincidence that Jesus was crucified on passover .

• On Passover the people experienced the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

• Years passed, in the old testament God told the Children of Israel that they will have the Passover and the waving of the 1st fruit.

• We see that being fulfilled in Jesus Christ and also in our personal lives.

• When God instituted the passover he knew that there will come a time of Jesus’s death, burial and resurrection which was going to be the time he is reconciled with his people.

• Passover was prophetic.

• In the same way the feast of the fiftieth day happened in the old testament, God knew that the Holy will come upon believers and they will speak in tongues.

• Are tongues important?

• 1 Corinthians 13:1

• Different languages is the earthly languages.

• Tongues of angels is the heavenly language.

• There is a natural language that we learn and there is a spiritual language that we learn because of the in filling of the Holy Spirit.

• Is tongues a natural or spiritual language?

• The Greek speaking believers and the Hebrew speaking believers had a division about the language they were speaking (Acts 6:1)

• In the book of Acts there were Christians speaking in different languages . They didn’t refer each other as speaking in tongues.

• A natural language is the tongue you learn.

• Tongues is the language that God empower you to speak, is the language you yourself don’t understand.

• Acts 8:4_17
• Peter and John laid thier hands on the Samaritan Christians and there were baptized with the Holy Spirit. (Acts 8:17)

• How did John and Peter know that the believers have received the Holy Spirit? There was a physical manifestation of speaking in tongues. (Acts 8:18)

• Simon witnessed the manifestation of the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

• Tongues is the language you may not understand .

• You don’t speak in tongues with your own abilities but you speak in tongues by the power of the Holy Spirit.

• In Acts 4:2 the word of God says they spoke as the Holy spirit gave them utterance.

• Speaking in tongues is a miracle that was to follow believers.

• Believers should be baptized with the Holy Spirit .

• Acts 10:1_46

• The believers were exulting Jesus in tongues. (Acts 10:46)

• In Acts 10 tongues was not the language of the land but it was the heavenly language.

• We speak in tongues because the bible permits Christians to speak in tongues and because the Apostles and believers were baptized to speak in tongues.

• When you speak in tongues you speak directly to God.


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