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Why do I speak in tongues (Part 4)

Why do I speak in tongues (Part 4)

Sunday Evening Service Notes | 28 Feb 2021
Apostle David Mulutsi
Why do I speak in tongues – Part 4
1 Corinthians 14:1-19

* The word of God encourage us to pursue love and to earnestly seek the spiritual gifts (1 Cor 14:1).

* You need to desire spiritual things in your life. When you desire spiritual things God comes through in your life. The manifestation of the spiritual will Increase.

* Prophecy is not a natural thing but prophecy is a spiritual thing, it’s something that happens without you knowing anything around a person/situation. You cannot prophesy what you know.

* Prophecy can be faked but the fact that it can be faked or abused it should not question the authenticity of the real prophecy .

* The person who speaks in tongues is not speaking to man but to God (1 Corin 14:2)

* When you are speaking in tongues you are bypassing everything and everyone , your spirit is speaking directly to God.

* When you are speaking in tongues you speak mysteries from heaven.

* Tongues is not a land language, is not taught but is a language that God gives you.

* Pray in tongues if you need God’s guidance then God will lead you. The answer to every difficult situation is to engage with God in tongues.

* The more you pray in tongues is the more you will be spiritual and not carnal. When you are carnal you will make decisions based on the natural things but when you are spiritual you will make decisions that are influenced by the Holy Spirit .

* When you pray in tongues you speak things that cannot be easily comprehended. Those are mysteries.

* The fact that speaking in tongues cannot be comprehended it doesn’t mean is not real or it doesn’t exist.

* The fact that tongues are not scientifically proven doesn’t mean they are not there. Tongues are real, they are genuine , they are mysteries , they are effective, they are spiritual and they are working.

* Never minimise speaking in tongues.

* Praying in tongues is not about repeating few words whilst your mind is drawn to something else but is being engaged in your spirit and praying from the depth of your heart.

* The fact that you don’t understand tongues it doesn’t mean you should devalue them. It doesn’t make the words that you don’t understand redundant .Tongues are working even if you cannot comprehend them.

* When you prophesy, God speaks to people . In the same way when you speak in tongues your spirit is yielding to the Spirit of God and he pray through you then you are edified. In both cases you don’t memories what will happen.( 1 Cor 14:3)

* When you speak in tongues you yield yourself to the spirit of God and you open your mouth by faith then God will fill your mouth with relevant tongues. Do not hold back thinking you will speak wrong tongues .

* If you hold back because you are afraid of doing it wrong, you are actually hindering God to operate in your life.

* You need to take the first step of faith when you prophesy and when you speak in tongues. If you take that first step, God will release more. Trust God to minister through you. When you trust God you will find yourself flowing. We do everything by faith, praying in tongues and prophesying as well.

* The purpose of speaking in tongues is building/edifying yourself and building your faith up. the purpose of prophesying is to build up the Church. (1 Cor 14:4)

* When you speak in tongues you are speaking to God , in the process of speaking in tongues you are building yourself up . When you prophesy, God is speaking to the people through you in the process he is encouraging and motivating people.

* When you feel discouraged and oppressed the best thing is to pray in tongues then you will start feeling encouraged because you are edifying yourself.

* People walk about being discouraged and defeated because they didn’t learn to pray in tongues or they don’t value praying in tongues . The devil is likely to put negative thoughts in their minds.

* When you pray in tongues you edify yourself therefore you will not seek approval of man.

* You need value praying in tongues.

* Speaking in tongues is not secluded to specific people but is relevant to all believers (1 Cor 14:5)

* Praying in tongues does not come from your understanding but from your spirit (1 Cor 14:13-14)

* We should pray in the spirit and in understanding interchangeably, similarly as you sing in understanding you need to sing in the spirit also (1 Cor 14:15)

* Paul spoke in tongues (1 Cor 14:19)

* When you are praying in tongues you are edifying yourself therefore all demonic forces will be powerless, they will never operate in your life.

* The frequency will be good between you and God if you are praying in tongues.

* You are encouraged to make praying in tongues a lifestyle.


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