Why Christians live a defeated life – Part 4 – God's Tabernacle

Why Christians live a defeated life – Part 4

Why Christians live a defeated life – Part 4

Sunday Morning Service Notes | 28 March 2021
Why Christians live a defeated life – Part 4

1 Timothy 1:18-19 ESV

• There are prophecies that were previously given to Timothy. Those prophecies might have been good promises God gave to Timothy.

• I believe that they might have been good plans because God says that I know the plans that I have about you that they are good plans. They are plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)

• Apostle Paul is telling Timothy to recall what God said about him.

• We need to recall what God says about us.

• God says that we are the healed.

• God says that we are blessed.

• God says that we are well provided for.

• God says that He has given us peace.

• God says that He has given us His angels to protect us in all of our ways.

• God says that He fights our battles. Jesus is the commander of the armies of heaven. He goes before us.

• God says that He has entered into a covenant with us. He is our covenant partner.

• All these and more are promises that God gave us.

• What was Timothy had to do with them? He had to recall them. He had to remember them. He had to bring them in the forefront of mind. He was not supposed to forget them.

• When we forget what God says in His Word, we run a risk of being defeated by situations.

• Apostle Paul’s advice is that by recalling the prophecies of the Lord, he would fight the battle well. The battle that is fought well is the battle where you win.

• People who were victorious in the Bible recalled the promises of God.

1 Samuel 17:21-26 ESV

• David was pointing to the fact that Goliath does not have a covenant with their God. This means that their God, whom Goliath was defying, is their covenant partner. He will fight for them. While all Israelites soldiers did not recall that they had a covenant with God, David did. Hence, he fought the battle well.

• David’s trust was on the Lord to fight Goliath. God helped him to fight lions and bears.

• When we look at the bigness of the Lord instead of looking at the bigness of the problem, we will always win.

• We must always have the God factor in every situation.

1 Samuel 17:37 ESV

1 Samuel 17:45-50 ESV


2 Chronicles 20:3-13 ESV

• Jehoshaphat was reminding God of His promises. He was recalling God’s promises/prophecies.

2 Chronicles 20:24-25 ESV

Acts 4:23-31 ESV

• Disciples recalled who God was and what God said.

Acts 4:25-31 ESV

• The disciples paid their attention to God instead of to their challenge.

• They looked to the God factor.

• Christians live a defeated life when they forget a God factor.

• May we not forget a God factor.


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