Why Christians live a defeated life – Part 3 – God's Tabernacle

Why Christians live a defeated life – Part 3

Why Christians live a defeated life – Part 3

Sunday Morning Service Notes | 21 March 2021
Why Christians live a defeated life – Part 3
Matthew 10:1 ESV

• The twelve disciples were not having authority before Jesus gave them His authority. They might have been ordinary people who were subject to ordinary challenges.

• They changed after Jesus gave them authority. They were now superior to demons, sickness, and disease. I would presume to all other situations.

• If sicknesses’ were not healed, it was not Jesus’ fault. It was their fault.

• Jesus had done His part. They had to do their part.

• Let us now look at another group of Jesus’ followers.
Luke 10:1-12 ESV

• These were a larger group of disciples. But when Jesus sent them out, He sent them in smaller groups of two.

• The power or authority is not in numbers. Two were capable to carry out Jesus’ instruction.

• When considering a large group of seventy-two, if two were capable to carry out Jesus’ instruction, the one is also capable to carry out Jesus’ instructions.

• You and I are more than capable to carry out Jesus’ instructions. We are capable to exert His authority on situations.

Luke 10:2-20 ESV

• Jesus told the seventy-two who returned rejoicing that even demons are subject to them in His name that the centre focus must be in their names written in heaven.

• Why was that? Because when their names are written in heaven, then they have all access to the heaven’s authority and resources.

Revelation 21:27 ESV

• If our names are written in the Lamb’s book of live in heaven as much as the name of the seventy-two were written, then we have the same authority as much as they had.

• But if we do not use our authority, we cannot blame Jesus, but ourselves.

• Hereunder is what God says about us believers.

1 John 2:14 ESV

• Christians are supposed to be strong.

• The Word of God must abide in them.

• They must overcome the evil one.

• When the Word of God abides in us, it will make us strong, and we will always overcome.

• Christians are defeated because they do not have the Word abiding in them.

• The absence of the Word weakens their spiritual life. They then remain defeated against the devil and circumstances.

• Abundance of the Word in the heart = strong Christians.

• Absence of the Word in the heart = weak/defeated Christians.

• Apostle David is of the idea that God gave the Israelites sabbath every week in order to recharge their spiritual lives with the Word. Hence, they were not allowed to do any work but they were to instead read, listen, and meditate on the Word (Luke 4:16, Acts 17:2).

• At times Christians are so busy doing lot of things to an extend that they do not give themselves chance to feed their hearts with the Word.

• They end up moving about Wordless, and therefore, powerless.

• Remember, God told Joshua to meditate on the Word day and night.

• Let us get into the Word and get the Word into our hearts.

• Let us be like “the fish in the water at the same time the water in the fish”.

• When our hearts are full of the Word, we will not be defeated by circumstances of life.

• Technology has made things easier for us to get into the Word.

• We can get the Word on YouTube, FaceBook, Whatsapp, podcast, etc.

• We can listen to the Word while we are driving, washing dishes, relaxing at home, etc.

• The reason we do not listen to the Word is because we do not see the value of it.

• May we see the value of listening to the Word of God always.

• May we see the value of reading the Word of God.

• Whatever you value, you will give it time, you will spend money on it, you will love it, and you will pay attention to it.

• When we love the Word, we will give ourselves to it.

• The Word will be so full in our hearts that when we open our mouths, it will come out. That is how full the Word was in Jesus.

Matthew 4:1-11 ESV

• May the devil leave you because you are speaking too much Word.

• May the angels minister to you because you are speaking too much Word.

• May you be so full of the Word that you become a danger to Satan.


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