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Why Christians live a defeated life (Part 1)

Why Christians live a defeated life (Part 1)

  • Sunday Morning Service Notes | 07 March 2021
    Why Christians live a defeated life – Part 1• It is not God’s will that His children live a defeated life. It does not glorify the Lord when His children are beaten by the devil and circumstances.

• Jesus was never beaten and defeated by the devil. He actually defeated the devil. Jesus showed us how victoriously we should live our lives.

• It is God’s will that you live in victory; Victory over circumstances; victory over dept; victory over sickness and disease.

• The ideal victorious situation is that there is nothing missing, nothing broken.

• When one looks at the lives of many Christians, one finds them living a defeated life. Is it God’s purpose? Definitely no.

• Why then are Christians living a defeated life?
Ephesians 5:25-27 ESV

• The church that has some spot or wrinkle of defeat has not gone through the washing of the Word. It is the church that has or believers who have not learnt to stand on the Word.

• God gave the success principle to Joshua while he was leading multitudes of Israel into the promised land. Joshua had no experience. He had to totally depend on the Word.

Joshua 1:8 ESV

• If Joshua neglected meditating on the Word and speaking the Word, he was going to make his life difficult and fail in many ways.

• He was going to be defeated and maybe even be killed.

• That would not be the will of God. He would be whining and complaining, but God would have already given him an answer. The answer would be and was to meditate on God’s Word and speak His Word.

• Joshua’s success was depending on whether he used the Word or not.

• In the same way, our success is depending on whether we are using the Word or not.

• When we use the Word, we will prosper and succeed. If not, we will fail and struggle.

• When things are not going right, we need to stop and ask ourselves some tough questions, where am I failing to apply the Word?
• Is it in speaking the Word?
• Is it in meditating on the Word?
• Is it in believing the Word?

• Notice that all victories that Joshua had did not come only by the Word, but Joshua had to hear the voice of God and follow His instructions also.

• We need to arm ourselves with the Word and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

• Had Joshua be meditating on the Word, speaking the Word, but failing to obey the voice of God, he would have failed. He actually failed when he was facing the Gibeonites.

• When Joshua failed to enquire from the Lord about the Gibeonites, they deceived him.

• When Joshua failed to enquire from the Lord but rushed to attack Ai, while he had Achan in their midst, who took the forbidden item from Jericho, caused the whole nation to be beaten by Ai.

• When Joshua listened to God and followed His instructions fully, he succeeded.

• Joshua followed God’s instructions about how to fight Jericho, even if they did not make sense. God’s Word worked and they defeated Jericho.

Joshua 6:1-5 ESV

Joshua 6:20 ESV

• Christ came that we should be victorious over Satan and all his efforts.

1 John 3:8 ESV

• The works of the devil is to keep Christians in slavery. Satan wants God’s children be in ignorant about the Word of God.

• We are destroyed by lack of Knowledge.
John 10:10 ESV

• Jesus came to destroy the works of Satan and to reverse its effects.

• When Christians do not know what Christ has done for them in His Word, they will be defeated by the devil.

• But when Christians know their rights and stand up for their rights, the devil will run away from their lives.

• Satan is stubborn, he needs Christians to rise up against him.
James 4:7 ESV

• Christians do not overcome by their natural abilities. They overcome by the spoken Word in their mouths. When Christians meditate on and speak the Word, Satan and all his demons will flee from them.

• The strength and power to overcome comes from the Word of God.

• We need to focus on the Word. We need to keep our eyes on the Word.

• The first step for coming out of defeat is to fill our hearts and minds with the Word.

• A heart full of the Word will be at peace knowing that God has everything in control. That heart will keep joy because it will be knowing that Jesus’ Word works all the time.

• May we fill our hearts with the Word.

• May we rest in the peace and joy of God’s Word.


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