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What if there is no heaven (Part 2)

What if there is no heaven (Part 2)

Sunday Morning Service Notes 10 January 2020
What if there is no heaven – Part 2
Apostle David Mulutsi


• Scientists readily admit that no observed natural processes can proof life from non-life. This means that it is only living organism that can produce living organism.

• If the universe was created by a big bang of chemical reaction, then  there cannot be heaven. Because chemical reaction is a non-life entity. It cannot create life or living entity.

• People are living beings who must be in a living environment and can intelligently only relate to living organism.

• Heaven is supposed to be a place where moral behaviour is observed. It is a place of moral beings. It must have been created by moral Being. Non-moral evolution could not have created it.

• For us to further interrogate the question of heaven, we need to look at the smallest single structure of a living organism, a cell.

• It is important then, to look at the origin of life.

• We will look at what science informs us.

• The origin of life is known as abiogenesis or sometimes chemical evolution.

• Life is based on long an information-rich molecules structure such as DNA and RNA that contains instructions for making proteins, upon which life depends.

• But the reading of the DNA/RNA to make proteins, and the replication of DNA or RNA to make new cells both depend on the large different number of proteins that are coded on the DNA/RNA.

• So, both DNA/RNA and those specific proteins must be present at the same time for life to begin.

• A living cell is capable of acquiring all the resources it needs from its surroundings and reproducing itself.

• This means that if there is no conducive surrounding, a living cell cannot survive and cannot reproduce itself.

• Every living cell is birthed from a previous living cell in a conducive environment where correctly coded proteins are.

• As we talk about the beginning of life, the first cell must have been a free-living cell, meaning it did not depend upon its surrounding to exist and multiply itself.

• A chemical reaction (big bang) of non-life cannot produce a living organism.

• Cells are complex arrangements of simpler chemicals.

• These chemicals have to be in a correct order for life to start and continue.

• They include amino acids, sugars, enzymes, etc.

• This proper arrangement with a cell is kept so by the brain of a cell, DNA and RNA.

• The DNA and RNA are giving instruction on what type of proteins to produce and their amounts. Any incorrect instruction produces abnormalities and sicknesses like cancer, growth, etc.

• I pray that any faulty DNA and RNA in your cells be corrected by the power of the Lord, in Jesus Name.

• External chemicals can alter DNA and RNA to give wrong signals. We call this poison.

• Kenya sterility situation. It all started back in 2016 when the Catholic Church began to warn that what happened in the Philippines, Nicaragua and Mexico was happening yet again in Kenya.

• At the time, the Catholic Church in Kenya claimed that the tetanus vaccine used by the government of Kenya and other agencies was contaminated with a hormone, HUMAN CHORIONIC GONADOTROPIN (HCG) that can cause miscarriages and render some women sterile.

• The hormone altered DNA and RNA in those women to give a message that they should not be fertile.

• Even though chemicals (non-living) can alter the makeup of the (living) DNA and RNA to give a faulty message, they themselves cannot give the message, because they are non-living.

• They need to have a living organism to work. They are like parasites.

• A parasite cannot exist without a host.

• So, a chemical cannot produce life on its own, nor keep life going on by itself.

• Therefore, there must be an external life that has created a cell and the internal brain of a cell, DNA and RNA.

• That external life is continuing to empower the DNA and RNA to do their work.

• Christians call that external life, human spirit.

• That human spirit comes from God.

• It is triune God, that is, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.

• Genesis 2:7 ESV

• Ground is a non-living material. It never lived until life entered into it.

• That life was the human spirit that came from God, who is life.

• When human spirit leaves the body, DNA and RNA stops to work. They no longer give instructions to multiply cells, or any other instruction.

• When human spirit leaves the body, the body become a non-living material. The person dies.

• What keeps the body alive, is the human spirit within the body.

• The human spirit cannot be proven scientifically. But he is real.

• This shows that it is not only what can be proven scientifically that is real.

• If we can scientifically answer a question of what keeps the body alive, then we would be able to say science has all the answers.

• Then we would be able to say that we should limit reality only to science.

• Others have said the heart is what keeps the person alive. The question is why would a heart that has stopped working on a dead person be transplanted on another person and that person lives?

• Surely, what keeps a person alive cannot be any internal organs of the body.

• 2 Corinthians 4:7 ESV

• The body, including its internal organs, are just jars of clay.

• They are just a chemical matter.

• If a person dies, the very same body, the very same clay, the very same chemical matter, is going back to the same chemical matter.

• Genesis 3:19 ESV

• Ecclesiastes 3:20 ESV

• But what happens to the human spirit.

• Surely it cannot go back to non-living matter of ground, water, or air.

• It must be going to a living place.

• The breath of God that went into clay, according to Genesis 2:7, is a spirit that keeps the body going.

• That human spirit is alive, it does not die, it just relocates.

• It must be going back to God, where it comes from.

• If it is going back to God, then God must be real.

• God is real.

• God who is real and alive (because He is able to give life) must be living in a place of life.

• That place must be heaven, which is beyond scientific understanding.

• Remember, we proved that reality cannot be limited to science. There is reality beyond what could be proven scientifically.

• If we then conclude that God is real; heaven is real, God who is real has said standard of which human spirit can come back to where He is.

• That standard is Jesus Christ.

• 1 Timothy 2:5-6 ESV

• God set His standard by sending Jesus Christ to die for all humanity. Those (human spirits in the body) who accept what Jesus did by believing in Him, enter into heaven, where God is.


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