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What if there is no heaven (Part 1)

What if there is no heaven (Part 1)

Sunday Morning Service Notes | 03 January 2021
What if there is no heaven – Part 1
Apostle David Mulutsi


• Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown, loss of jobs, close of businesses, etc, have made many people question a lot of things.

• The situation has prompted people to relook at what they took for granted.

• Many have lost and buried their loved ones.

• They have wondered, where their loved ones have gone to, if ever there is a place after death.

• They have wondered if the there is life after death.

• Many have heard about heaven. Christians have even believed the existence of heaven.

• The question that still remain or have resurfaced in the minds of people is, is there any heaven?

• The pandemic has caused many to re-evaluate their belief.

• Looking at social media and listening to general comments, one can see that many are questioning the validity of their faith. Many are questioning the importance of even attending church activities.

• Mainstream media has advocated scientific proof when dealing with the corona virus pandemic.

• Governments have labelled any contrary notion on coronavirus as fake news.

• When restrictions were eased and church were allowed to open, many stayed away from church. initial numbers of church attendees had dwindled from what they used to be, before lockdown.

• The reason for low church attendance was first assumed as fear, fear to be infected with the virus. But that was not the reason since the same people went to shopping malls and workplaces, even to places of leisure.

• People’s faith in God and heaven had been adversely affected.

• The critical question has been, what if there is no heaven,

• This question has many implications.

• If there is no heaven, then there is no hell.

• If there is no heaven and hell, then there is no existence after death.

• If there is no existence after death, then there is no accountability to anyone, except to people that you live with, or to those you choose to be accountable to.

• Morality and how people act out their morality is then based on the common agreement of society. What society accepts as moral is what individual will accept.

• Democracy is then adopted as governing principle. Everyone is allowed to practice what he feels like.

• Religion becomes subjective, no longer objective. It’s practice becomes an individual choice, not the collective’s.

• Atheism tendencies (a belief in the nonexistence of God, or gods) have gained ground in people during lockdown.

• When people embrace atheism, they live their lives for the now. This is because they believe that there is no life after death. There is no hope of afterlife.

• Some atheists, if not all, are of the view that religion is an invention of man to oppress people. They believe that religion is for social function.

• It is important then, to discuss the question of the existence of heaven more deeper.

• Is there heaven?

• If we discard the existence of heaven, then we must discard the existence of God. Because heaven exists by God.

• If we discard the existence of God and heaven, then we need to solve the problem of creation.

• It is automatic for those who believe in the existence of God and heaven to believe that God created the world and the universe.

•  But what if there is no heaven?

• There are several atheists’ theories about the creation of the universe.

• High among them is the evolution theory.

• Atheists believe that there was a big bang out there that ultimately evolved into life as we have it, today.

• The question would be what caused the big bang? To those who believe that two universes collided, who created those universes?

• The theory that says the universe has always existed, without God’s or anyone’s else help, defies the scientific notion of cause and effect.

• Science has proven that there is a caused to any effect. Things do not just happen.

• If the world evolved into what it is currently, then why are things and people dying (meaning, having a limited lifespan)?

• Logic of evolution must say that things will continue evolving in their scientific matter and not die.

• If there was a big bang that created the universe and our world, then there must have been another big bang disrupting our current world.

• Looking at all different theories of the creation of the world/universe, what the Bible teaches is more consistent with scientific logic.

• Actually, science is simply discovering what the Bible wrote about.

• This gives me more reason to believe the Bible.

• If the Bible proved true to past events, the probability of proving true to future events is extremely high.

• Just looking at what the Bible says, the probability of the existence of heaven is exceedingly high.

• The probability of the existence of God is extremely high, maybe certain/sure.

• The existence of God and heaven, subsequently, the practice of religion, in general, and Christianity, in particular, are objective, not subjective.

• If then, what the Bible tells is true, irrespective of whether we believe it or not, irrespective of we practice it or not, it would be wise to believe and practice it.

• If what the Bible says is true, then its warning about neglecting its instructions is true and it will be to our detriment if we neglect it.

• Genesis 1:1 ESV
• Hebrews 1:10 ESV
• John 1:1-5 ESV
• John 1:14 ESV

• That Word was Jesus Christ.

1 John 1:1-4 ESV

• Heaven must be real to bring joy that the Bible talks about.

• Since heaven is for moral people, it must have been created by moral Being who could relate to other moral beings

• The Bible also guarantees the existence of heaven to all those who embrace its belief.

• 2 Corinthians 5:1-10 ESV


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