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We should lift our eyes to the Lord

We should lift our eyes to the Lord


Sunday Morning Service Notes | 06 June 2021
We should lift our eyes to the Lord

Psalms 121:1-8 ESV

• This psalm is one of the 15 psalms that are known as songs of ascents.

• God required Israelites to come from all over Israel to Jerusalem to sacrifice at the tabernacle (later the temple), at least, three times a year, mainly during great festivals.

• Jerusalem is built on a mountain. A person coming from any direction would be ascending, that is, climbing up the mountain to reach the temple.

• The pilgrims would recite or sing these psalms as their prayer to prepare their hearts for appearing before God.

• Psalm 121 is one of psalms that is not understood, especially verse one and two.

• When we look at the whole psalm, we see that it is talking about how vigilant God is towards His children.

• The psalm is talking about how faithful God is towards His children.

• The psalmist is having comfort in the fact that God will take care of him.

• His God is the same God that we are serving today. He is the same God who still cares for His children.

• Verse one is better understood when we read it from different translations.

• The psalmist is looking at the mountains or hills. Looking at them, he is asking himself a question. A question is: “does my help come from those mountains?” He answers himself in verse two that his help comes from the Lord.

• Why would the psalmist look at the hills?

• Hills were associated with idol worship.
The Old Testament talks a lot about sacrificial worship to gods. It mentions activities that were done in high places.

• People who were worshipping idols at mountain tops were expecting and trusting that their gods to help them.

• You would remember how Balak took Balaam from one hilltop to another in trying to get him to curse the Israelites.

Numbers 23:13-14 ESV

Numbers 23:27-28 ESV

• The psalmist in psalm 121 is contrasting the help of idols to the help of God.

• Hence, the Message translation starts verse two by stating, no. in other words, my help does not come from the mountain. But my help comes from the Lord.

Jeremiah 3:23 ESV

• God’s attitude towards altars at high places.

Leviticus 26:30 ESV

• The principle is, “if our hope is on any other thing beside the Lord, that hope is in vain because help will not come”.

• The help will come from the Lord.

• This psalm is drawing our attention to the Lord as our only help.

• Our current situation poses a danger of drawing our attention to natural help more than God’s help.

• Sanitising, wearing of mask, social distancing, or vaccinating are all human’ efforts to fight corona virus.

• Even though we are told that they are effective, they should not replace our trust in God.

• All these measures might be necessary, but they might also be posing a danger of competing with our trust in the Lord, especially when people are discouraged to come to church.

• We need to put our trust in the Lord.

• Our God must be big in our minds. He must be strong in our minds.

• We must believe in His power and ability more than any natural ability.

• Psalm 121 is focusing on the bigness of the Lord instead of the false hope of Baal worship or dangers that might be on mountains.

• The psalmist is declaring that his help comes from the Lord.

• This should be our declaration. Our help comes from the Lord.

• The psalmist qualifies his God that He is the Creator of the universe.

• This means that there is nothing that exists that God did not create.

• Our God is not only big but has ability to put anything under subjection.

• Nothing should scare us. Our God is big.

• Third wave of the pandemic is nothing compared to the bigness of the Lord.

• Our God is not only big and creator of the universe, but He does not slumber nor sleep either.

• This means that His eyes are always on you.

• He makes sure that you are looked after at all times.

• We need to be going about thanking God that we are under 24/7 watch of the eyes of the Lord.

• When fear comes, we need to lift up our eyes to the Lord.

• We should ignore what is happening around and look up to God for His ultimate help.

• May your eyes always look unto the Lord.

• May your focus be on what the Lord can do and is doing instead of what the devil is doing.


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