Transform into the image of Christ (Part 3) – God's Tabernacle

Transform into the image of Christ (Part 3)

Transform into the image of Christ (Part 3)

Transform into the image of Christ – Part 3

Sunday Morning Service Notes | 16 May 2021

Acts 11:19-26 ESV


* Believers were first called Christians at Antioch.


* They were given this name by the Gentiles, by the general populace in the area.


* Christian means, “follower of Christ”.


* There are several reasons why they were called Christians.


* It could be that they were talking a lot about Christ.


* It could be that they refused to participate in worldly affairs that defied Christian nature.


* It could be that they were committed to church where they were worshipping Christ.


* It could also be that they used the name of Christ a lot in their prayers.


* People in the area did not know much, if at all, about Jesus Christ.


* Antioch was a distance away from Judea and Galilee. Jesus and His disciples had not gone to Antioch before.


* Antioch was close to Tarsus, Paul’s birthplace. That is the reason Barnabas went to collect Paul in order to help new believers in Antioch.


* We can easily conclude that general populace did not personally know about Christ and about what He did.


* They must have learnt about Christ from these disciples who were from Cyprus and Cyrene.


* This shows that these believers from Cyprus and Cyrene had put Christ in the forefront of everything they did. They were not ashamed about Christ.


* Romans 1:16 ESV


* Transforming Christians are not ashamed about Christ and the gospel.


* Transforming Christians do not participate in worldly illegal immoral activities.


* Transforming Christians are committed to church. they love gathering together of Christians.


* Transforming Christians believe and do the Bible.


* Transforming Christians bear the fruit of the Spirit.


* These believers in Antioch did not only speak to the Jews, but they spoke to the Hellenists also.


* They went outside their comfort zone.


* Acts 11:20-21 ESV


* Preaching the Lord Jesus,’ says the text-or more accurately perhaps-’preaching Jesus as Lord.’


* The substance, then, of their message was just this-proclamation of the person and dignity of their Master, the story of the human life of the Man, the story of the divine sacrifice and self-bestowment by which He had bought the right of supreme rule over every heart; and the urging of His claims on all who heard of His love.


* And this, their message, was but the proclamation of their own personal experience. They had found Jesus to be for themselves Lover and Lord, Friend and Saviour of their souls, and the joy they had received they sought to share with these Greeks who were worshippers of gods and many lords.


* Surely anybody can deliver that message who has had that experience. We might not all have the gifts which would fit for public speech, but we might all who have ‘tasted that the Lord is gracious’ and be able to somehow tell how gracious He is.


* These men had exposed themselves to the Lord Jesus Christ to a point that Christ empowered them in proclaiming the message.


* Acts 11:20-21 ESV


* The divine transforming power accompanied their proclamation.


* A ministry cannot turn people to the Lord unless the hand of the Lord is with them.


* You can turn people to a personality without the hand of the Lord.


* You can turn people to a social club without the hand of the Lord.


* You can turn people to a church or an institution without the hand of the Lord.


* But you cannot turn people to the Lord without the hand of the Lord.


* The hand of the Lord is always associated with miracles, signs, and wonders.


* Exodus 9:3 ESV


* Acts 4:30 ESV


* Acts 13:11 ESV


* The hand of the Lord being with these disciples implies that God was performing miracles through them which convinced the community of the power of God, subsequently to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.


* The hand of the Lord is the glory of the Lord. It is the presence of the Lord.


* These disciples must have exposed themselves to the radiance of the glory of the Lord to a point that Jesus was shining through them by signs and wonders.


* People saw Christ alive in these Christians that majority of them decided to follow Him.


* Christ was shining so much in them that people outside, saw Him and nicknamed them Christians.


* This means that Christ must shine in a Christian. Christians must reflect Christ.


* Christians need to look intently on Christ until He shines in them, until they reflect Christ.


* Had these Christians not believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, had they not followed Jesus closely, had they not committed to prayer, they would not have had a courage to speak to the people in Antioch. The glory of the Lord would not have touched the city of Antioch.


* The closer we are to Christ, the more we become like Him.


* The longer we are in Christ, the more we become like Him.


* The transforming power of the Lord Jesus Christ will not manifest in and through our lives until we draw closer to Him.


* We must be like Him.


* We must behave like Christ.


* We must talk like Christ.


* We must think like Christ.


* We must act like Christ.


* This will happen when we have allowed Christ to transform our lives.


* May we be transformed by the glory of the Lord.


* May we expose ourselves to the glory of the Lord.


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