Third wave of God’s protection on Pentecost Sunday – God's Tabernacle

Third wave of God’s protection on Pentecost Sunday

Third wave of God’s protection on Pentecost Sunday


Sunday Evening Service Notes | 23 May 2021
Apostle David Mulutsi
The reason the Holy Spirit was given Part
Subtitle: Third wave of God’s protection on Pentecost Sunday

* Today it is the 50th day after good Friday. Today is called a Pentecost Sunday.

* The same Holy Spirit that fell after the 50th day is the same Holy Spirit that is available to us.

* Acts 2:1-

* Acts 2 tell us what happened on Pentecost.

* Pentecost is the feast that was celebrated.

* God commanded the Israelites men to go to the temple in Jerusalem three times a year to celebrate him.

* The three occasions were divided into three categories (the feast of unleavened bread, the feast of weeks and the feast of booths)

* In Acts 2 a sound of heaven was the sign of the the presence of God. That sound of the presence of God went to the disciples who were expecting the presence of God.

* If you are expecting the third wave of the presence of God you will receive it.

* The disciples were all filled with the Holy Spirit and they spoke in other tongues as the spirit gave them utterance. Acts 2:4

* The disciples expected the Holy Spirit and they cooperated with the Holy Spirit.

* In the midst of coronavirus pandemic we can expect the supernatural protection of God.

* May your eyes be removed from the coronavirus pandemic and be focused on the power of God that is able to heal beyond the pandemic.

* Acts 2:14-17

* God knew the importance of the coming of the Holy Spirit.

* Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. Acts 2:21

* The bible says the disciples were cut deep by the message of Jesus hence they could not deny that there is the working on of the Holy Spirit in their situation. Acts 2:37

* The baptism of the Holy is available to every child of God. Acts 2:38-39

* Those who received the Lord Jesus Christ got saved and were added to the believers. Acts 2:40

* God says in Exodus 19:1-4 that he has bore you on eagles wings. Your eyes should be upon then Lord. When the plague comes he will carry you . God will spare you . God will protect you from all the troubles.

* When people talk about the third wave of coronavirus you should talk about the third wave of God’s protection upon your life. When the enemy comes in like a flood the Lord will raise the standard.

* You need to believe that no evil will befall upon you. You need to believe that every virus that touches your body dies instantly. You need to believe that no plan of the enemy will succeed against your life. God is on your side.

* The Holy Spirit came to demonstrate God’s power and his grace upon our lives.

* Our trust should be in the name of the Lord.

* God promise us that if we trust and believe in him then we will be his treasured possession.

* Exodus 19:9-10

* When the Holy Spirit came in the whole testament, God told the disciples that every year they should celebrate. He was saying that every time he will be with them.

* The disciples experienced God everywhere because of the presence of God upon them.

* The Holy Spirit came for regeneration.

* We will do greater work because the Holy Spirit is upon us.

* There is the Holy Spirit upon us we cannot be intimidated by what is happening around us. He is able to protect us.

* We need to expect the power of God to overshadow us with his protection.

* Today we celebrate the Pentecost Sunday knowing that God is there to protect us , surround us, uphold us , incubate us by the grace of God.

* I declare that you will never be part of the third wave statistics In Jesus name .

* May it go well with you.

* May you see the protection of God with your eyes.

* You shall not die but you shall leave to proclaim the good news of peace.

* May you fight the good fight of faith . May the crown of glory await you in heaven .

* May you experience the supernatural miracles of God .

* May the health of God rest upon you in Jesus name Amen.


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