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The Benefits of Fasting and Praying

The Benefits of Fasting and Praying

Sunday Evening Service Notes | 03 January 2021
The Benefits of Fasting and Praying
Apostle David Mulutsi
Luke 2:22_27

• The bible talks about the man called Simeone who was:
1. Devout to the Lord.
2. He was righteous.
3. He was waiting for the consolation of Israel.
4. The Holy Spirit was upon him.
5. The Holy Spirit revealed to him that he will not die before he see the Lord Jesus Christ.
6. He was carried by the Holy Spirit to the temple.

• Simeone was in communion with the Lord. It was not a burden for Simeone to live for the Lord.

• He was surrounded by the presence of the Lord.

• During our fasting and prayer it is the time that we need to login to God. We need to interact with God.

• When we humble ourselves in prayer and fasting we will be able to hear the the Holy Spirit.

• Fasting that benefits is the Fasting that you are willingly staying away from food and distractions like phones and social media.

• When you go to social media during fasting and prayer , you need to make sure that you are feeding your spirit.

• You need to log off from the things that will distract you and soak yourself into the presence of the Lord.

• Let prayer and fasting be a time of pressing the reset button.

• It is not about God being there for you , is about you being there because God is always there.

• Let the time of fasting and prayer not be like a routine of ticking that check list, but let it be the time of willingly seeking God, as a result it will be a time of transformation.

• When we are with the Lord the natural things are suspended.

• When we are fasting we are humbling ourselves. Fasting is a form of worship unto God. You will focus more when you fast and pray.

• When you are sleeping whilst fasting, your body is detoxing.

• When you can’t sleep whilst fasting, it is a good opportunity to woke up and pray.

• Luke 2:37_38

• When you continually seek God and worship God you will recognize God.

• Miracles happen when you fast and pray.

• Matthew 6:16 God is requiring us to fast and seek him, he also want us not to look gloomy when we fast. You don’t need to make it obvious to everyone that you are fasting.

• If God requires us to fast then it means its beneficial.


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