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Prayer, Fasting & Giving

Prayer, Fasting & Giving

Beloveds in the Lord. We are about to start a new month of March. We cannot help but count all blessings we enjoyed in February. In the same breath we commit March unto this famous Faithfulness. Let’s PRAY, FAST, & GIVE. Theme: Give it your all
Acts 23:1

•THANKSGIVING for ALL God’s doings in February: Celebration, Successful matric results, Reopening of schools, Health of our loved ones, Divine protection…(2Sam.6:12-15)

• Luke 17:14 “As they went they were cleansed” May we never stop serving. As we serve, give, pray, worship, study the word, May the Lord intervene in our personal situations in the month of March.

• In this new season, May the glory of the church be restored like Samson’s hair growing. May we cause much damage to the enemy’s camp than we did before lockdown(Judges 16:22-31) Life in the cell groups, Winning more souls, Successful foundational classes, Touching lives through online services.

Jer. 29:7
•Wide door for churches to open
• Commit 2021 academic year and learning institutions unto the Lord.
•Wisdom and direction in choice of institutions and careers for passed Grade 12’s.
• Employment, improved economy
•Our president and all leaders

• Isaiah 45: 11 ‘Ask of me’ In the invitation is assurance of an answer. God is willing to give us what we ask. LET US ask of Him. Pray!! Isa. 45:11


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