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Jesus paid the Price

Jesus paid the Price

Good Friday Service Notes | 02 April 2021

Jesus paid the Price


John 19:28-30 ESV



• The story that we just read is about Jesus hanging at the cross.


• He had been beaten. He was bleeding. His flesh torn to pieces. A crown of thorns was on His head.


• At this stage, He knew that all was done, all was finished.


• It is important to note that Jesus did not say that He was finish.


• Jesus did not end up His earthly life in defeat.


• He knew exactly what was going on. He knew that what was happening was His divine purpose for coming on earth.


• Prior to His crucifixion, He prophesied that he was going to die the death of the cross.

• The first time.

Matthew 16:21 (Mark 8:31, Luke 9:21-22) ESV


• The second time.

Mark 10:32-34 (Matthew 17:22-23, Luke 9:43-45) ESV


• The third time.

Matthew 20:17-19 (Mark 10:32-34, Luke 18:31-34) ESV


• Since Jesus knew that He was going to die at the cross, He had prepared Himself for it.


• Jesus was not defeated when he died at the cross. He was victorious. He had come to die at the cross for all of us.


• Even though Jesus knew the gruesome death He was going to die at the cross, He still went ahead and died at the cross.


• What He did shows us how much He loved us.


• When he said that it is finished, He was saying that the price had been paid in full.


• Jesus would not have risked His life, risked the pain, as a futile exercise. He knew that His death at the cross was effective to give us results.


• All those who take advantage of the full payment that has been paid, will get the benefits.


• The price for our healing and health has been paid in full.

1 Peter 2:24 ESV



• The price of our provision has been paid in full.


2 Corinthians 8:9 ESV


• The price of our spiritual death has been paid in full.


John 5:24 ESV


Ephesians 2:4-6 ESV


• Jesus was our substitute.


• He died on the cross on our behalf. Therefore, we died on the cross.


• He  went to hell on our behalf. Therefore, we went to hell.


• He rose from the dead on our behalf. Therefore, we rose from the dead.


• He conquered Satan on our behalf. Therefore, conquered Satan.


• He defeated sickness and poverty on our behalf. Therefore, we defeated sickness and poverty.


• When Jesus died at the cross, He knew that the job is done, the victory is won, the price is paid in full.


• Through Jesus Christ, we have full access to the blessings of God.


Hebrews 4:14-16 ESV


• If I can go to the shop and pay for the beautiful suit and do not take it because I do not know your correct size, but give you the receipt, when you take that receipt to the shop, they will give you the suit. They will not argue with you. The receipt is a proof that the suit belongs to you.


• In the same way, Jesus paid the price of our salvation in full. The receipt is the Word of God. All that you and I have to do is to take the Word and speak it to situation.


• Declare that the blood of Jesus has been shed for our sins and gave us full access to the blessings of the Lord.


• It will be well with you.


• May this Good Friday reminds us of the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ.


• May this Good Friday helps us to take advantage of all the blessings that Christ died at the cross for.


• Blessed Good Friday to you all.


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