It All Began At Passover (Part 6) – God's Tabernacle

It All Began At Passover (Part 6)

It All Began At Passover (Part 6)

Benefits of the first fruits

Main Scripture: Leviticus 23:10_11

  • If you don’t honor God with the 1st fruit you will be defeated by small things.
  • Jesus was the forerunner for us.
  • Jesus was the 1st one to be harvested.
  • Christ is the 1st fruit to be born again.
  • For the first time His Father forsaken Him (crucifixion).
  • Jesus was the 1st one to be raised from the dead never to die again.
  • Jesus is our prototype.
  • He is our model.
  • Jesus conquered the last enemy which is death.
  • If Jesus overcome death there is nothing he cannot overcome.
  • The resurrection power of Christ is the reason for the season (Good Friday)
  • The folded face clothes next to Jesus’s grave was a sign that Jesus is coming back .
  • Let’s enjoy the benefits of the resurrection power.

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