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Is the Bible still relevant during coronavirus

Is the Bible still relevant during coronavirus

Sunday Morning Service Notes | 31 Jan 2021
Apostle David Mulutsi
Is the Bible still relevant during coronavirus

• Our generation is living during the pandemic of coronavirus. Coronavirus disease 2019 (covid-19) is a sickness that has not been there before. That is why they call it novel.

• Covid-19 has shown to infect many people and also kill many.

• A lot of debate has gone on about its origin, efficacy, spread, and cure.

• Scientists are still studying it, we are told.

• Media has broadcast a lot about it. Governments have passed law or implemented laws to lockdown their countries in efforts to curb the spread of it.

• The lockdown has impacted negatively to the Church.

• The Church (Body of Christ), as a spiritual body, has been faced with number of questions in relation to covid-19.

• Covid-19, with all its acclaimed effects, has challenged the Church with regards to how should the Church respond to the pandemic.

• What are the limits that the Church should operate within?

• Jesus prayed for His disciples and all that would be Christians.

John 17:14-20 ESV

• Jesus, through His prayer, shows that there is a clear distinction between the Church and the world, between believers and non-believers.

• The world will not understand the Church because the Church is not of the world.

• Jesus is actually using a strong word that the world will hate the church.

• This shows that the way the Church works, the world will not understand it.

• So, the Church should not seek to be understood by the world. Christians should not seek to blend in with the world.

• The world’s understanding will differ from the Church’s understanding.

• Jesus said that He has given the Church solution of the Word in this hostile world.

• Jesus trusted the Word to be able to help Christians while in the world.

• Jesus knew that there will be pandemics like coronavirus. He knew that the Word will still be sufficient to deal with this virus and any other virus, even those that are still going to be invented and released.

• How is the Word able to deal with this problem?

Psalms 107:19-20 ESV

• The Bible that we read does not contain the Word of God but is the Word of God.

• There is power in the Words of the Bible.

• The Words in the Bible are not just words to be read or words to be recited. It is the power of God into salvation; unto healing; unto deliverance; unto provision to those who believe(Romans 1:16).

• This means that the Words of the Bible has power to address the current pandemic, current sition of COVID-19.

John 6:63  It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh is no help at all. The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life.

• Just like the spirit give life to the body, the Holy Spirit gives life to the Wordsnof the Bible that when you speak them, the life of the Holy Spirit is flowing into the situation and do the work.

• The Bible embodies the life of the Holy Spirit which is ready to work in any situation.

• The working of the Word was so powerful that it astounded people.

Luke 4:35-36 ESV

• The question that we must ask ourselves is what is different from the time of Jesus and Apostles and now.

• If coronavirus is infectious, there were other infectious diseases then, like leprosy. Jesus touched the leprous man and healed him. He was not afraid to touch them. The power of God superseded the effects of leprosy.

Luke 5:12-13 ESV

• Jesus touched the leprous man. He was not supposed to touch the man. Leprosy did not defile Him, but He banished it and it died.

• Jesus instructed His disciples to cleans the leprous (Matthew 10:8).

• He instructed the 72 to heal the sick (Luke 10:9).

• The Word to heal the sick is still as effective as it was then.

• When Jesus instructed His disciples to heal the sick and cleanse the leprous, it was not a suggestion but a command.

• They were to go out and expect only one out come, the sick being healed and the leprous being cleaned.

• That should be our attitude even today, that the sick will be healed and leprous be cleansed.

• The Word will be the word even in the pandemic.
• The Word is relevant even in the pandemic.
• The Word will heal as we do it and speak it.
•The Word will provide as we do and speak it.
• The Bible is still relevant even in the pandemic. It has not lost Its power.


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