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Following God fully

Following God fully

Sunday Evening Service Notes | 07 March 2021
Apostle David Mulutsi
Following God fully.
Genesis 22:1-15

* God has your best interest at heart.

* Trust God that he will never mislead you.

* When you follow God, even though it looks like you will walk through the valley of the shadow of death, if you follow him fully, he will lead you besides still waters.

* Genesis 22:1-4

* Abraham was persuaded that even if he sacrificed Isaac he can trust God.

* Abraham trusted God fully, he never held back his son.

* Verse 4 Abraham trusted God enough to follow his instructions fully. Abraham believed the best out of God.(Genesis 22:4)

* Abraham walked in obedience to God’s instructions.

* Abraham knew that him and his son are going to worship God then they will both come back.(Genesis 22:4)

* Abraham knew that God love him, he wants only the best for him and that he will never hurt or harm him in anyway.

* When you live your life trusting God then it means that you are living the life of faith.

* If you live a life of fear , you are suspicious then it means you live the life of bondage and oppression of fear of the enemy.

* When you live your life believing the promises of God. You will experience the goodness of the Lord in your life.

* When you woke up in the morning don’t premeditate on the evil that might happen to you instead you need to believe that God had good plans for you for that particular day.

* Believe that when you have entrusted your life in God’s hands then your life is in safe hands.

* Abraham knew that even if he were to sacrifice Isaac , out of ashes Isaac was to come out. Abraham believed that God will bring life out of the dead.

* You need to settle it in your heart that God will take care of you in all situations.

* Never live your life in fear of the evil happening to you. When you are living in fear it means you are not following God fully.

* Don’t follow the negativity of the world.

* Believe that everything will work together for your good.

* Live your life joyfully and fully knowing that God is taking care of you.

* Make sure that you live your life pleasing God for the remaining years of your life here on earth.

* Genesis 22:6-11

* Abraham believed that the Lord will provide the sacrifice himself (Genesis 22:8)

* Abraham followed God’s instructions fully. He was willingly to release Isaac (Genesis 22:10)

* When Abraham was about to slaughter Isaac then the Angel of the Lord stopped him because he knew that Abraham was sold out to God.( Genesis 22:11)

* Abraham was provided a sacrifice.(Genesis 22:13-14)

* You need to trust God for the best in the midst of the uncertainty.

* Believe that your life is in the hands of the Lord.

* Your heart attitude , joy and faith in the midst of the challenges/storm it is very important because if you loose focus, you might derail your destiny.

* Never complain or blame God about your situation but rather you need to trust God and follow him fully in the midst of the Situation.

* Follow God on a continuous journey, don’t only follow him on the first instructions only.

* Don’t follow God halfheartedly but follow God fully always.

* Going through the valley of the shadow of death doesn’t mean God has abundant you.

* Your focus should be on God all the way.

* You need to hold on to the confession of your faith. Keep trusting, believing, rejoicing, thankful and walking in faith.


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