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Following God fully

Following God fully

28 March 2021
Sunday Evening Service Notes | 28 March 2021
Apostle David Mulutsi
Following God fully
Acts 9:12-30

* When you give yourself fully to God then you will be a victorious Christians.

* Don’t serve God unreservedly.

* Don’t serve God half heatedly .

* Acts 9:12-26

* You may suffer hardships for the sake of the gospel but determine in your heart that you will be committed to God all the more .

* You need to be sold out to the Lord fully then you will never be convinced otherwise by anyone.

* You need to be fully convinced that God is at work in your life

* You need to experience the fire and the power of God as an individual then you will be convinced that God is real.

* You need to experience the reality and the goodness of the Lord.

* It is your responsibility as a Christian to cry out to the Lord and reach out to him, then you will experience the reality of God in your life.

* Your desire as a Christian should be to know the power of the resurrection of Christ, it is not about the years you have been saved nor your title in the Church but is about you as an individual experiencing the resurrection power of Jesus Christ.

* You need to have an encounter with God .

* You need to be a radical Christian.

* You will never be intimidated to risk your life to serve God if you are fully convinced of his resurrection power.

* Don’t allow criticism to diminish the fire you have for Christ.

* Whoever is plotting evil against you, it will never come to pass In Jesus’s name Amen.

* When you remain faithful to the purpose of God, whatever the enemy is planning against you will not come to pass.

* All the plans of the enemy against you will be revealed to you if you stay in the orbit of God’s calling.

* Always be faithful to God in all circumstances then God will take care of you.

* It is when you are taking care of the business of God that he will take care of your business.

* The safest place is in the center of the will of God.

* The devil plans to destroy you when you do the work/will of God but God is bigger, stronger, he will keep you, guide you, sustain you , protect you and propel you forward to do well.

* The Church will always multiply under trials if she walks in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit .

* 1 Timothy 4:13-15

* Timothy was to Publicly read the scriptures , teach the word and preach the gospel.

* Reading of the word of God cleanse /wash your mind .

* Reading the word of God wash you from all negativity .

* Practice the reading of the word, immerse yourself in the word of God then you will progress in life.

* The gospel has the ability to change the life of a person.

* When you are saved there must be a difference. If you do not see a change, you need to cry out to the Lord for him to change your life.

* The Lord will draw near to you when you draw near to him.

* Give yourself fully to God.

* Determine in your heart that you will follow God fully.

* Be committed to the work of God fully.

* Serve God fully with your resources.


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