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Following God fully

Following God fully

Sunday Evening Service Notes | 21 March 2021
Apostle David Mulutsi
Following God fully.

* Serve the Lord whilst is still day.

* God has a plan and purpose about our lives.

* There is a plan about your individual life. Everyone of us has a part to play in the whole purpose of God.

* Be faithful and focused in what God has called you to do.

* You will be fulfilled when you do what you are supposed to do in life.

* Connect to the people God is connecting you to for the purpose of fulfilling his purpose.

* God is the master planner just follow and obey his masterplan.

* Follow God fully in the environment that God has called you to.

* God will place the same anointing that is in the Senior Pastor to the leaders, ministers and ministries.

* Do not oppose the vision of the vision bearer of the Church.

* It is working against you if you are working against the purpose of the vision of the Church.

* We need to work together in the same vision of the vision bearer of the Church.

* Let your Senior Pastor’s advice be your command.

* Work together with your Senior Pastor’s vision in order for you to fulfil your purpose on earth.

* Do not criticise what you don’t understand until God gives you understanding. God does not have to explain himself to you about everything. God may only explain what concerns you only.

* Do not fight the Senior Pastor, pray for understanding and support the Senior Pastor.

* 2 Chronicles 34:1-8

* Josia was born because God had a purpose about his life, 500 years before he was born .

* He became a king at the age of eight years. He became committed to the Lord at the age of sixteen years old.

* You are never too young to serve the Lord.

* At the age of twenty four he started to destroy idols/gods.

* You need to influence your friends and families to serve the Lord.

* King Josia was doing the will and the purpose of God.

* At the age of twenty six years old he was following God fully. He was also repairing the house of the Lord.

* 2 Chronicles 34:34

* In the process of repairing the house of the Lord, they found the book of the law(bible). They began to restore order in the house of the Lord and doing what the Lord requested them to do in his word.

* Eventually there was restoration in the house of the Lord as God desired.

* 2 Chronicles 35:20-24

* King Josia failed to obey God.

* King Josia reigned for 31 years. He died at the age of thirty nine years old.

* King Josia died a premature and terrible death because he failed to obey God.

* King Josia started well but couldn’t finish well because he failed to obey God at the end of his life.

* When you step out of the plan of God you might cut your destiny short.

* When you step in the plan of God , God will keep you longer.

* Follow God fully.

* Follow the plan and the purpose of God fully.

* 2 Samuel 16:6-13

* God will always defend you. Always leave everything in God’s hands.

* King David lived right before the Lord, he was refraining from reacting when situation arose.

* Don’t find yourself fighting God.

* David was blessed because he fully followed and obeyed God.

* It is unfortunate that King Josia’s kingship was prophesied 500 years before he was born but he missed God because he was involved in the wrong fight he wasn’t supposed to be involved in.

* Coronavirus should not check you out of this world, you need to check out of this world because you have fulfilled your purpose here on earth.

* May you work in the steps of Jesus and follow him fully as long as you live.


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