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Empowerment for greater works

Empowerment for greater works

Evening Service Notes| 10 January 2020
Empowerment for greater works
Apostle David Mulutsi

• We are believing God for greater works in 2021. We believe God that we will experience the actualization of miracles, breakthroughs, healing and the power of God.

• The book of Acts has a significant role to play when talking about the anointing and the power of the Holy Spirit.

• You cannot separate the Holy Spirit and Actualization. Actualization can be feasible if one is empowered by the Holy Spirit .

• If you want to expand our theme “Actualization” you can say Actualization is putting the book of Acts into action.

• The book of Acts is the second part volume, you need to study the first part volume before you understand the second part volume. The first part volume is in Luke.

• Luke 1:1_3

• Luke wrote a letter to Theophilus . Luke was studious , meticulous and orderly . He wrote a letter to an educated person Theophilus.

• Acts 1:1_5
• The gospel according to Luke and the book of Acts is like a mirror. Luke is the mirror of Acts

• Luke was expressing how Jesus was empowered by the Holy Spirit and the activities of Jesus.

• Jesus being Baptized and the Heaven opening. There was a Physical manifestation of the Holy Spirit descendeding in a body form like a dove.(Luke 3:21_22 )

• In essence Luke was saying Jesus never did anything until he was filled with the Holy. It was the Holy Spirit that empowered Jesus to do Miracles. Also the Apostles did even greater miracles after being baptized with the Holy Spirit.

• Acts 1: 8 You will receive power and be a witness when the Holy Spirit comes upon you until the end of the earth

• In 2021 we will be witnessing the power and the manifestation of God in our lives . 2021 Is the year that we will experience the healing power of God . Whatever that is physical can be changed by the supernatural power of God .

• The year 2021 is a great year of actualization. We will actually prove that the power of God is able to do greater and mighty works.

• In 2021 you will be the power of God in action.

• The power of God will come and empower us to do greater things.

• The power of God will show mighty works through our lives . It will not be our own ability but it will be the power of God

• Just like Jesus did greater works in the book of Acts , also us as believers we will do greater works because we are empowered by the Holy Spirit.

• The power of the Holy Spirit still exists therefore the book of Acts has not ended, it is continuing .

• We see greater revelation through the year of Actualization and we will be empowered to do greater works.

• Embrace the Holy Spirit and the year Actualization.


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