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Empowered to do greater works

Empowered to do greater works

Sunday Evening Service Notes | 24 Jan 2020
Empowered to do greater works
Apostle David Mulutsi

• The word of God is able to sustain us and the word of God is a blessing.

• Luke wrote two books of the same volume ( Luke and Acts)
• The gospel according to Luke is a continuation of the book of Acts.

• In both book of Luke Jesus was anointed with the Holy Spirit and in the book of Acts the Disciples and Apostles were anointed with the Holy Spirit .

• God is showing us that the same Holy spirit has anointed us meaning we can even do greater works.

• Even in this critical time the Holy Spirit will empower us to do greater works. You will operate in the same anointing.

• It’s never on self to do greater works but we need to depend upon the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is doing it through us.

• We can never be protected by man made things like masks, sanitizers and social distancing but we are surviving because of the protection of God. You are protected because the anointing of God is working in your life to protect you.

• Of course we need to take all the necessary precautions and comply with Coronavirus regulations however we need to trust the greatest power that is guaranteed, the power of God.

• Jesus emphasized to his disciples to be empowered by the Holy Spirit. We also need to be empowered by the Holy Spirit.

• We must never be scared of what is happening around us. Because the bigger anointing of God is there to protect you.

• The more the danger in the world, is the more the power, the anointing and grace of God is upon us.

• Anybody can be able to access the supernatural power of God . The power of God is not accessible to the Pastor’s and leaders only but is accessible to ALL.

• The anointing of God is capable to fumigate and disinfecting any place that is infected by the spirit of sickness and disease including Coronavirus.

• As the front line worker believe in your heart that you are carrying the director to disinfect your work environment against the Spirit of Coronavirus. You need to believe that Coronavirus will never stand your presence. You need to believe that you will not die but you will leave to proclaim the good news of peace.

• We are endured with the power of the Holy Spirit. We will be witnesses of the Lord because we are carrying the Spirit of God.

• No evil will befall upon Children of God because we are empowered by the power of the Holy Spirit.

• Christians will live and will not die.Death of believers are bound in Jesus’s name , death has no authority over your life in Jesus’s name , every bacteria that wants to be in contact with you dies instantly in Jesus’s name.

• The power of God is resurrecting you. The same power that resurrected Christ will quicken your mortal body in Jesus’s name. Fear, doubt and confusion is leaving your body in Jesus’s name.

• Now is the perfect time to see the actualization of the power of God at work in our lives.

• Acts 6:1_6

• The Criteria that was used to chose seven man for serving tables:
1. Having Good repute/testimony_ no scandals
2. Be full of the wisdom of God
3. Be full of the Spirit of God

• The word of God and prayer is critical for the all believers and the body of Christ.

• When there is a challenge in the body of Christ, leaders should never forsake thier position. Immersing in prayer and being rooted in the word of God will enable leaders to give direction.

• The leaders need to steer the sheep in order to reach the destination still alive.

• Acts 6:7_15

• The devil is against laying on of hands because he know that the power and the anointing of God is being released during laying on of hands.

• Miracles and wonders will happen where its needed not where is less dangerous.

• The wisdom of God makes a difference. No opposition party can stand the person anointed with the power of God.

• When people do charecter assasination is because they are afraid of you.

• Don’t be scared of facing challenges because the anointing of God will always manifest in your life.

• Acts 7: 54
• Acts 8:4,26_29,39
• May the evidence of the presence of the Lord in your life cause your whole area to see the power of God manifesting.

• You need to always be in tune and in touch with the Holy Spirit for you to be in the orbit of your calling.

• The anointing of the Holy Spirit of God will move you around as he desires. The same anointing that was in Philip will be upon you.The same power is the power that God wants you to operate in.

• Let the anointing of God always carry you in Jesus’s name .
• You will not die but you will leave to proclaim the good news of peace in Jesus’s name.
• This week you will not hear bad news in Jesus’s name.
• All will go well with you and your family in Jesus’s name.
• This week will be an anointed week in Jesus’s name.
• It will go well with you this week in Jesus’s name.
• May you not decrease but you increase in Jesus’s name.
• May all go well with you and your family in Jesus’s name Amen.


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