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Empowered to do greater works

Empowered to do greater works

Sunday Evening Service Notes | 7 February 2021
Empowered to do greater works
Apostle David Mulutsi
Why do I speak in tongues
Mark 16:17

• Mark 16:14_17
• Just like you can be tagged on Facebook and you choose weather the tag should be visible or hidden from your timeline, When you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ it is an automatic tag of speaking in tongues.

• You need to activate all your settings to accept all the post from Jesus Christ to be visible in your timeline.

• Your spiritual tag should have original automatic activation for all Jesus’s posts to appear on your timeline/in your life.

• Jesus tag everyone who believes.

• The first tag is, in the name of Jesus signs will follow you. ( Mark 16:17)

• The second tag is that Christians speaking in tongues. ( Mark 16:17)

• The third tag is that God has given you authority over the powers of the enemy ( Mark 16:18)

• The fourth tag is that if you drink any deadly poison it will not hurt you.( Mark 16:18)

• The fifth tag is that you will lay hands on the sick and they will recover. ( Mark 16:18)

• When signs and miracles are not following you is because you have pressed a hide button from Jesus’s tags therefore the posts will be invisible from your timeline/life.

• Acts 2:1_4
• The tongues are inspired by the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:4)

• Yield yourself to the tag of the Lord Jesus Christ as a believer. Never suppress the Holy Spirit because when you accept Jesus as your Lord and personal savior is an automatic tag to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to speak in tongues.

• Satan is trying to prohibit people from speaking in tongues, do not be deceived.

• Never be ashamed of speaking in tongues because there is power in speaking in tongues.

• You need to spend time in praying in tongues.

• It is biblical to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to speak in tongues.


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