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Empowered to do greater works

Empowered to do greater works

Sunday Evening Service Notes | 31 Jan 2021

Empowered to do greater works

Apostle David Mulutsi

Acts :38



• The same Holy Spirit who was with Jesus, disciples and Apostles is the same Holy Spirit that is with us.


• Jesus , the Disciples , Apostles and all Christians have common denominator which is the Holy Spirit.


• Acts 10:38


• It is God who anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with Power.


• When you are anointed with the Holy Spirit you will go about doing good works. The power of God will manifest in your life. You will heal all who were oppressed.



• Jesus promised to be with us until the end of age.


• Jesus was able to do all miracles because God was with him.


• The power of the Holy Spirit in our life is critical. Don’t go with an empty tank. Make sure that you are filled up with the word of God and prayed up.


• Acts 19:5-12



• A Christian cannot survive without the Holy . You need the Holy Spirit to lead you.


• The Holy Spirit cannot work if you are not endorse with him.


• Apostle Paul was doing extra ordinary things because he was filled with the Holy Spirit.


• Believe and trust God that he is working by his Spirit in your life.


• The Holy Spirit is still available to do extra ordinary miracles through our lives.


• It was the power of God that was upon Apostle Paul healed the people and not the aprons.


• The power that was in Jesus was activated by faith then that power is the one that healed the sick.


• We should be getting the power of God upon our lives.


• You get the power of God by meditating on the word of God and by soaking yourself in the power of God.


• The power of God was too much on Apostle Paul that it penetrated through the Aprons he was working with.


• The power of God is capable of destroying the power of darkness and the spirit of coronavirus.


• Don’t allow power stealers to steal power from you.


• Power stealers is Unforgiveness , hatred, jealousy, competition etc.


• Make sure that you walk in the Love of God.


• Make sure that you stay in the power of God, staying in the power of God is staying in the word of God.


• As you walk in the spirit you will not fulfil the desires of the flesh.


• The power of God is able to make miracles and change situations.


• Let’s believe the power of God.


• The anointing of God will deal with situation in your life.


• May you always be empowered with the power of God.


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