Count your Blessings (Part 1) – God's Tabernacle

Count your Blessings (Part 1)

Count your Blessings (Part 1)

Sunday Morning Service Notes | 7 Feb 2021
Count your Blessings – Part 1


• Israelites (men) were to appear before the Lord in the temple at Jerusalem, at least, three times every year (Exodus 23:17). As they go up to Jerusalem on their pilgrimage and ascend to the temple, they would sing songs of praises to the Lord.

• These songs were to prepare their hearts for worship unto the Lord.

• These songs are known and recorded as songs of ascent. Psalm 120 to Psalm 134.

• Today we reflect on one of them, Psalm 124.

• Psalms 124:1-8 ESV

• The psalmist David has reached one conclusion, that is, they have survived and are alive because of the Lord.

• We have all gone through a second wave of the pandemic. Some of us have lost our loved ones. Some of us have tested positive to covid-19. But here we are today, still alive and well.

• As we feel the sorrow of the loss of our loved ones, the more we should fill our hearts with thanksgiving for us who are alive.

• We are alive and well not because we protected ourselves. It is not that we sanitized and kept social distances. It is because the Lord kept us.

• It is important to always keep sight of the help of the Lord.

• It is the Lord, it is the Lord, it is the Lord.

• The Psalmist is saying to us that we should always keep, THE GOD FACTOR in our lives.

• Everyone singing this song would be reminding himself/herself that the equation is perfect in his life because of the Lord. There is the God factor..

• When we acknowledge the God factor in our lives, then we acknowledge our weaknesses and incapability’s. We then acknowledge that our strength, wisdom, and connections did not play much role to be where we are. It is the Lord.

• If it is the Lord, and ALL the Lord, then ours is to give thanks for His goodness in our lives.

• Ours is to praise the Lord.

• February is a month that GTCFC started. It is a month we complete another year. We look back at our small beginning in 1994 and  see how the Lord has been with us. We have gone through some mountains and valleys. We have had some smooth ride and hid some bad patches along the way. But through it all, the Lord has been with us. It is important, therefore, to count our blessings.

• It is always good to look back and acknowledge how the Lord kept us from being extinguished and how the Lord grew us.

• David, also,  has gone through some challenges in life. He was chased by Saul like a dog. He stayed in caves because he was hiding from Saul. At the end he saw how the Lord kept him and protected him.

• Psalms 9:1-10 ESV


1.     Praise helps you to stay focus on the Lord.

• When we praise the Lord, our minds are stayed on Him. Praise helps us to always have the Lord at the centre of our lives and situation.

2.     Praise helps you forget about the negative.

• When bad things have happened to you, you turn to be connected to them. There is a tendency of replaying that situation over in your mind. The more you replay the negative scene, is the more you are connected to it. It is the more it becomes a stronghold.

• When you praise the Lord, you are setting yourself free from that bondage. Praise is a tool that breaks evil bondage.

3.     Praise helps you to look at the positive.

• Praise refocuses your attention to look at how good things could be.

• Praise paints a picture of the possibilities.

• Seeing a picture of the possibilities is the first step of moving forward.

4.     Praise helps your faith stay strong.

• God will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on the Lord, because he trusts in the Lord (Isaiah 26:3).

• When you praise the Lord, you are seeing the bigness of the Lord. The more you see the bigness of the Lord is the more you see that the Lord can solve every challenge you may face.

5.     Praise releases the help of the Lord.

• The Lord is sprung into action when you praise Him.

• He sees that you have put your trust on Him.

• He sees that you have humbled yourself and depended upon His help.


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